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Defend The Night is a Dark Fantasy MMORPG currently in development for PC.  With unique leveling and progression systems, it strives to break the mold of the current MMO genre and replace stale grinding and dull quests with exciting, event-driven gameplay.   Players will build and defend their own city, join friends and allies in dangerous dungeon crawls, explore a vast landscape, and challenge the darkness in various game events.  Choose from 11 player classes and many talent options to build a unique and specialized champion.


Defend The Night aims to blend classic MMORPG elements with many exciting new options for player progression, including both PvE and PvP experiences.  Free from the annoyances of pay-to-win mechanics, power must be earned through valor and combat in this dangerous world.  For players who thrive on competition, robust leaderboards will allow each champion to strive for greatness among the realm’s best.

Darkness awaits, so grab some allies,

ready your defenses, and prepare for battle!

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Adventure in a Dangerous Environment

Participate in a challenging leveling and diplomatic system.

Support or lead your city to battle against infringing evil


The Potential of Power



Masters of the arcane mysteries of the realm of Certovia, Wizards excel in the destruction of their foes by using elemental magics to devastating effects. Able to deal large quantities of damage, Wizards are a great choice for players that enjoy doing heavy damage from a distance.



Clerics are priests of holy light.  They are masters of healing their allies and vanquishing demonic forces.  One of the ultimate group supporting classes, the Cleric is the best choice for players that prefer a healer role in group combat with a focus on healing and perseverance.

Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight

Vicious and brutal, the Shadow Knights of Certovia are masters of weaving aggressive combat style with crippling dark magics to destroy all who oppose them. Combined with the Shadow Knight’s Pact Fiend companion, players will rely on skill to share incoming damage with their enslaved pet while also maintaining the offensive nature of this tank class.

Coming Soon

Enchanters are master illusionists and magic wielders.  These spellcasters focus on manipulating the world around them to provide great advantages for their allies.

More information coming soon!

Druids are priests of nature and talented spellcasters.  They can manipulate the forces of nature to damage and weaken foes while strengthening and healing their allies.

More information coming soon!

Rangers are mighty archers and a versatile warriors.  A bow-wielding hybrid of the Druid and Warrior classes, these woodsmen can damage from range, manipulate the elements of nature, and even brawl if needed.

More information coming soon!

Assassins are sly and very capable of edging out of tight situations, springing dangerous traps, and picklocking that locked passageway.  Assassins excel in the shadows, ambushing unsuspecting foes with lethal melee strikes.

More information coming soon!

BattleMages are lethal and versatile damage dealers.  With an affinity for both melee combat and offensive magic, the BattleMage is a hybrid of the Warrior and Wizard classes.

More information coming soon!

Necromancers are conjurers of darkness, decay, and hellfire.

More Information Coming Soon!

Paladins are the arbiters of justice and righteousness.  These hybrids of the Warrior and Cleric classes can sustain massive damage while healing and supporting their allies.

More information coming soon!

Warriors are the leaders and the shield of your forces.  Exceptional at mitigating damage and angering their foes, the Warrior is a master at tanking the most fearsome enemies.

More information coming soon!

This is Defend the Night, there is always a possibility for surprises!




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