2019 Q1 DtN News

Quarter 1, 2019

It’s been an exciting 4 months since our last update. We wanted to highlight some things that have changed since November 2018 in our 2019 Q1 Newsletter!

The DtN team has expanded from a one person development operation into a small indie development team, and as of January 2019 we have formalized “Ninja Loot Games” as a business. We are so excited to be in a position to make this happen and the future’s so bright for our community, staff and volunteers!

New Staff & Volunteers

  • DtN brought in veteran gamer and developer Jessie learn more.  Jessie has been working hard handling operations here at “Ninja Loot Games”.  You can probably find Jessie polling and engaging our community in our forums or in discord chat.  Jessie also has been aligning our goals and managing some of our backend and frontend systems to meet our full potential.  
  • Nolwien has volunteered time and expertise to work with our existing lore outline. She has been doing a wonderful job writing stories that make DtN a living and breathing world! We are very excited to release some of those entries to our community here.
  • Korsic also has graciously volunteered his time and robust theory in game design.  While working with Korsic we discovered his love and expertise in editing. So we put that to good use in the creation of our lore and systems in Defend the Night.
  • We brought in two art contractors to work on various works.   We’re glad to be able to be in a position to speed up intensity in this avenue of development.

New Logo

We are so glad we were able to unveil our new logo, which has already been dispatched to our website!  See above!

Community Oriented Development

A huge amount of work has been laid out through an internal “Defend the Night” outline which involves lore background and mechanic systems that will be in DtN.  This outline has been designed and formulated through community polling via various social media outlets, DtN Twitter, Discord, and Forums.
Community oriented development is something DtN takes to heart.  We will evaluate all feedback and ideas brought to us based on 5 factors:

  • Is it possible with our resources or systems?
  • Does it add to Immersion?
  • Will gamers use it?
  • Is it viable?
  • Is it fun?

In doing so has brought about a very exciting outline of a world that is much fuller than we ever thought possible.  Everyone here at DTN would like to thank our wonderful community for the help(and continued help) through this process!


December 2018

  • We were able to install an immersive biome growth and vegetation system. Some of our work can be seen here.
  • DtN started working of the Wizard Class and we really started to shine with installing short duration portal spells.

January 2019

  • Defend the Night also started 2019 off right with installing several other wizard related spells here or here.
  • DtN finished their world map and lands called “Certovia“.
  • If that’s not all we also finished our Human and Rel’goth models, as well as announcing that Half Orc and Elf will be a playable class! You can view them on our website now!

February 2019

  • There was work done on the illumination/day & night cycle system, animation systems, and mobility spells.  Late February we installed our resist system and refined our user interface.

March 2019

  • We haven’t slowed down one bit as we added critical strikes and better animations, all the while throwing in a refined buff and debuff system.
  • We can’t forget that we have totally overhauled our website system and we hope you enjoy our new look and we hope it’s more user friendly and gamer dynamic!  

All the staff here would like to thank you for checking out our DTN News and if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries please feel free to contact us.


June 24, 2019
I'm sure this game will be my new favorite, games made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts are best. When will be beta tests?
June 24, 2019
Thanks for the excitement! No planned timeframe for Beta Test as closed Alpha has just begun. We have much to learn from our tests so we are not to get ahead of ourselves. Soon as we have a clear vision of Beta we will be sure to announce asap.

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