2019 Q2 DtN News

Quarter 2, 2019

July 30, 2019  Quarter 2 Complete

Again, it has been an eventful 4 months since Defend the Night released their “Q1 DtN News”.  What better way to celebrate then to top it off with our Q2 News? 

New Staff

DtN brought in Level Designer, Pyye, in Early June, and he has been pretty prolific with his new dungeon designs.  We are so excited to produce a showcase of what he’s been working on in the near future.  Here are some screenshots!

Sanne graced us with her presence in late June, and we are very fortunate to have her experience producing clothing, hair, artistic assets and some new characters for Certovia.

Brig is a game designer that joined us in early July. Brig is working really hard shaping our systems to their fullest potential and bringing some exciting new ideas to the team.

Testing (Closed Alpha)

During the months of June and July, we conducted three 6-man groups which tested out the group systems, networking and the Wizard functionality.  We learned a lot and fixed even more (pages of things in fact). There will be testing throughout the next several months to make sure our systems are functioning as they should and to test out features as we add them. 

Testing Schedule:

Phase 1 (Complete) – General spellcasting, Wizard abilities, character controller, basic AI, group combat

Phase 2 (Late August) – Authentication, character creation, persistence, world navigation, new zones, combat improvements

In addition to the testing above, we’re currently updating to Unity’s just-released 2019.2 engine.  We expect this to yield a huge improvement in the look and performance of the game, as we had fallen several updates behind and have yet to even take advantage of newer features like the HD Render Pipeline.

If you weren’t included on those tests, never fear! We still love our community and we are trying to get as many as we can, but currently there is limited seating.  Register here for our “DtN News”.

Wizard & ShadowKnight

The Wizard’s basic kit is finished, however that doesn’t mean we aren’t still working on it, we’re just moving on to other aspects of development soon.   Shadow Knight: We are pretty excited about adding our first tank class to DtN! However, we will be fixing some persistent world items before attacking the SK head on.  We are expecting 2-3 weeks until we’ll be showcasing the Shadow Knight’s kit progress.


DtN has been putting some time into design designing great caster gear and wizard robes.  Some of them are showcased below.


We are working on a game system utilizing “Religion” that will tie the community, players and gods of Certovia together.  We are very excited about the prospects of this system working effectively in a MMORPG. More information on this system will be released as they are finalized and set.  You can learn more about the gods of Certovia here.  


We included a new lore entry “3” on our website. https://www.defendthenightgame.com/lore/#Background.  

Learn about some of the Gods in “Defend the Night” and how they might impact your adventures in Certovia. 

New Forums

We decided to go a bit old school with our new forums. Our old one didn’t quite have the functionality we desired. Feel free to check them out via https://www.defendthenightgame.com/ and click Forum.

Doing Work!

 There has been a lot of work completed during the last 4 months some of these are listed below…

April: Networking issues resolved & finished the DtN website update.

May: Finished several DtN lore entries (chapters) while aligning our world to support the lore.

June:  Entered closed Alpha testing with 6 man groups.  Added 4 staff members to the DtN team.

July: Finished the Wizard kit and built several zones in the map of Certovia.  Added lore entry “3” to website. Added clothing physics and death system to DtN.  Worked on resistance systems and city building preparations.  

Community Oriented Development and Design

Community oriented development is something DtN takes to heart.  We will evaluate all feedback and ideas brought to us in our discord under the #theorycrafting Discord channel or from the forums on the website.  Please provide that feedback as it helps us so much!

Discord: https://discord.gg/vZrrKTw

Moving Forward

As always, keep an eye on our Twitter for frequent updates, join the conversation and contribute to our design in our Discord, and if you haven’t already, Register to stay informed on all of our latest news.

All the staff here would like to thank you for checking out our DtN News, and if you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries please feel free to contact us.

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August 8, 2019
great update!

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