2019 Q4 Newsletter

Quarter 4 of 2019 was full of hard work at Ninja Loot Games (NLG).  Defend The Night has endured more than a few healthy upgrades and made notable progress in its design.  Some of the more noteworthy accomplishments are the implementation of our first Tank class: the ShadowKnight. It’s class design and abilities, not to mention our foundation for the melee combat system, and the completion of our base persistent world services.  If you have been following twitter at https://twitter.com/DefendtheNight you may have already seen a bit of this already, as we showcase new content on an almost weekly basis. Alternatively, you can check out our Shadowknight sneak peek video

Also, NLG has been extremely busy working on upgrading our Unity graphics engine and related systems to the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), in hopes that we can provide our future players with a  much more immersive world and make our Dungeons send chills down your spine!

(Relgoth and Dragon in Kald Luft showcased in HDRP)
(High Definition Zombies summoned by Wraith in Thelrodan’s Valley)

NLG has also worked on upgrading our 3D models by totally overhauling them with 4k textures. The rework to the character rigging is already well underway, so you will see the increasingly higher quality and more fluid movements in our animations. Some of our armor was also put on the new models, and they are finally gear we’d like to be caught dead in!

(Leather Armor on Human Male)

NLG expanded its available armor repository to include some of the high-quality heavy plate armor.  Updated with 4k textures, we’ll let these pictures speak for themselves…

(Available Character Models along with Warrior and ShadowKnight Heavy Plate Armor)

NLG has also been hard at work designing various religious, diplomatic and epic questing systems, as well as advancing our lore.  It has been really exciting and invigorating to see those systems come to fruition. You can read about our holiday lore (here), and stay tuned for news on those systems in the future as we advance our development to new heights.

Last month (November)  NLG had a community meeting in our (discord) voice channel and went over the design for our Cleric.  We can’t wait to start our Cleric abilities and design in 2020 and are so thankful for all the help we had from fans in our community channel!

Throughout the summer and into the fall we checked and rechecked the persistent world, making sure it’s functioning as it should, and we thank all our internal testers for the help!  We couldn’t have done it without your efforts!

Here is to a wonderful and active Defend the Night development process in 2020 and I hope you all have a great Holiday and New Year!  

Just in case you aren’t feeling very festive, here is a 3D snowman model in Certovia (here)!
Learn more at https://www.defendthenightgame.com/

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February 5, 2020
Game looks amazing! I'm extremely excited to see more pvp as I've thirsted for a good new mmorpg with a partial pvp and rvr focus for a long time!

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