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The Defend the Night Team

Defend the Night‘s team consists of very passionate gamers and talented developers with a drive to deliver a great product. We are developing the game that we all want and eagerly watch for community reactions and value feedback!

The team has worked on many products that have already been deployed to the public.  Some of those include customer support for (SOE) Everquest, (Blizzard)World of Warcraft , providing editorial works for (Sigil) Vanguard : Saga of Heroes, development on Everquest 2 Emulator, several custom MMORPG emulator servers,  health & safety applications, and countless other mobile software products.

Some of our members include:

    • Bryan : Programming & Unity Development
    • Jessie : Operations, Unity, Technical Art and Modeling
    • Nolwien: Lore Director
    • Leksur: Lead Game Designer
    • Fargrim: 3d Modeling
    • Distro: Community Management & Videographer

Contact Us:  Support@defendthenightgame.com

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