April Content Creators

Defend The Night was recently featured by several gamedev/MMORPG content creators! Meet thadumbgoose, Ingare, and Razor’s Edge!

First up, MMORPG YouTube Channel thadumbgoose posted an awesome First Look video for DTN, including tons of gameplay footage, design overview, and an interview with Jessie and Bryan. Check out his work below, and let’s show him some love! Like and Subscribe to his channel!

Ingare – Place to Play

Up next, Jessie and Bryan went in depth on Indie development, Unity, and some game design premises with gaming site Ingare. Catch the full interview and their feature of Defend The Night here.

And last but not least, DTN had a developer interview with the Indie game site, Razors Edge. The Razors Edge creator, Jim Kesselring, sat down with Bryan and Jessie to discuss how the game was born, inspiration, design philosophy, and much more. Check out the full interview here.

A big thank you again to thadumbgoose, Ingare, and Razors Edge for taking to the time to cover Defend The Night! Check out their pages for some more great videos and features of MMORPGs and upcoming indie titles!

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