Core Values

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  • To develop a product that we want to play while gauging interest and feedback from our community. 


  • Defend the Night understands the need for a honest product that rewards players that play rather than those that purchase items to get ahead. As such NLG(Ninja Loot Games) will not be offering pay to win items, gear, or potions.


  • Our players time is valuable and gameplay should feel challenging without being required to complete repetitive grinding or endless questing to advance in our worlds.


  • Defend the Night strives to produce and design, intuitive game mechanics to alleviate problems with highly contested mobs, gear or items before they start.


  • The customer’s satisfaction is always paramount to the success of NLG. Thorough planning, personnel training and thoughtful back end design will go into servicing our community and players.



Defend The Night - Bone Dragon Concept 1

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