Design Tenets

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Our Pledge to Our Community!


  • Embrace a dark fantasy theme where the world is in turmoil and you are not the hero destined to save it.
  • The core experience revolves around creating opportunities for meaningful player interactions to happen.
  • Risk versus Reward is at the forefront of every aspect of game design that allows for it.
  • Combat will be strategic, tactical, and challenging.  Player skill will be tangible and strongly emphasized.
  • Character progression is viewed as a long-term investment that will not be undermined by expansion resets.
  • Players are encouraged to forge their own path while developing their characters but must always remember to enjoy responsibly.
  • Enjoy a spirit of the game where competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of play.
  • Expect meaningful quests that encourage exploration and discovery but are rife with risk and danger.
  • Prepare for a world that is constructed around group-centric play.  Opportunities to solo will be an exception rather than a rule, but one that is thoughtfully considered and conducive to opportunistic gameplay.
  • Players will be unleashed into a predominantly open-world experience where travel is meaningful, dungeons are vast, content is difficult, and all associated rewards are exclusive to open-world play.
  • Instanced content will be used sparingly (when and where it makes sense) for traditional PVE content consumption, and a bit more liberally when it comes to on-demand gameplay that players can queue up for.  In order to better facilitate a fun and meaningful experience for those who have limited windows of play, we will feature queued PVE/PVP short-duration events.
  • Explore an optional PVP scene that is meant to enhance the overall experience for those who wish to participate; one that offers a variety of scenarios and electives that are structured around consensual play.
  • Player characters are the most valuable asset when it comes to making the world feel alive.  The stage will be set to enhance roleplaying capabilities and provide a real sense of player agency and reputation.
  • Find solace in our conviction to avoid pay-to-win schemes.
  • Take part in a development process that encourages players to find their voice and engage in purposeful, community-driven dialogue that can help shape the game.
  • The four major spheres will all be complimentary of one another for those who want to enjoy diverse gameplay bound together by the overarching tenets.  (Adventuring, Crafting, Harvesting, and Diplomacy.)

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