Devblog 4 – UI and Targeting

Features – Complete UI overhaul, target indicators, floating 3d enemy details, and a new skybox

User Interface

I’ve replaced the plain, stock Unity textures, borders, backgrounds, buttons, and other UI elements with a totally new scheme.  After playing around and trying to update the look and scaling of these elements myself, I felt comfortable enough with the uGUI system to buy some quality, high resolution art to integrate into my systems.  Here’s a quick video that shows off many aspects of the new look during combat:

 Action Bar and Spellbook

My spell system has been completely integrated with the new UI. The new action bar, centered at the bottom of the player UI, comes with main and secondary ability rows, each with 12 slots.  The main bar can contain up to 6 spell rotations that can be quickly swapped out.  Health and mana globes are included for a quick reference to the player’s current status.  The icons in the action bar, as well as the new spellbook, display tooltips when hovering over an ability.  Spellbook slots also contain an ability description and current rank.

Target Indicator and Floating Health Bars

I’ve added spotlights to all targetable units.  This, along with the target portrait, will give the player a better visual representation of their current target.  Enemies will now have a red spotlight glow beneath them, and friendly units will show a white glow.  Enemies will also have a floating 3d health bar, name text, and level indicator.  This should help players better monitor the status of their battles and decide which enemies to focus.

Skybox and Lighting

I’ve added a new skybox with volumetric clouds and some better lighting to the main scene.  I’ll also be using these systems to incorporate a day/night cycle into game modes in the near future.  For now, the weather will be static at partially cloudy and the time of day will start at noon and extend into the late afternoon for longer games.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the first AOE spell casted by the player to do 0 damage
  • Friendly unit names and text color will now reflect their new title and level after upgrades
  • Heal points to the player will now show as green text in the player portrait
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2017.2

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