Devblog 5 – Character Creation

This week’s update is full of art upgrades, including new player character models, weapons, spell effects, and starting menus.  The starting menus include new login, character creation, and class selection systems.

Character Creation Walkthrough

I’ve put a lot of work into giving each class a unique intro with spells or abilities that can be expected from their class in game.  Check out the full video below to see the new login, character creation process, and all 11 class intros:

Player Character Models

The “Knight” model has been replaced as the player character by new human characters.  I’ve added options for customizing their appearance in the character creation menu.  Players will be able to choose their character’s Faction (currently Good or Evil), Race (currently only Human), Gender, hair style, hair color, and skin color.  New characters must also be given a unique name.

New characters will be equipped with a starting weapon and basic clothing with no armor value.  Once armor is acquired through gameplay, the corresponding layer of armor will become visible on the model.



The new class selection menu describes the 11 current playable classes.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

DPS  – Necromancer, BattleMage, Wizard, Assassin, Ranger

Tank – Warrior, Shadowknight, Paladin

Support – Cleric, Enchanter, Druid

As these classes are developed, I’ll be doing be in-depth previews of roles, spells, talents, and progression for each one.


In the class selection menu, you’ll notice a pool of 25 stat points that must be spent to complete the character creation.  For now, all classes will start with 20 points in each stat, and the player will be given 25 additional points to add to whichever stat they choose.  As we get further into testing and balancing, these numbers may vary by class and race.

Path Forward

With this update, the devblog is now up to the current state of the game.  I plan to still do weekly or bi-weekly devblog entries on new developments, but they’ll likely be shorter and more focused from this point forward.  There will also be a post coming soon on my plans for closed beta and how you can get involved in the testing and early access to the game.  For now, the best way to reserve first shot at a free beta key is to register an account on the site or just subscribe to the mailing list.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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