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Part 2: Draer, the child of Scois

The great oceans surround the lands, as one would expect, as Certovia is a world which lies secluded, a land set apart from the world. A land where the gods provided, the soil gave and peace was shattered by strife!

It was commonly known that Scois, the Keeper of Knowledge, had turned to the dark arts. Ramus Cura had, in the mind of Scois, betrayed him when she took to Reloxo, the God of Time. They had scorned and defied him! By her very entry into the forbidden gate which he kept. She had chosen eternity in Time over the companionship, wisdom and balance he offered.

The Dark Arts, was a magic to be feared in the wrong hands. A vicious weapon to those who would choose to harm the peace of Certovia. Oh, and it was an art! It was a deep, spiritual, devine, lust-worthy art, this magic. One could carve himself immortal with a wave, sulphur crystals and a burning fire! The Gods could be done away with. Only the proud and haughty believed themselves immortal but, the magic, now possessed by Scois could indeed prove your immortality! The Fallen, those practitioners of this darkness, were weak.

Upon a sandy beach, Scois sat near a fire as he fumed over the insult of recent event.

“Pazeme Noho, Sol Sulod, Av’sla Forfall… all weak and only dabblers, by comparison! They have no idea what they have taught me. I will be the Teacher… I will be the Creator! I will not be cast aside so quickly, once they taste my magic! Reloxo and Ramus, remember what you have done!”

The fire grew, fanning flames that melted the very sand beneath the embers. The smell of sulphur permeated the surrounding air and Scois bowed his head, his hands clenched with nails digging into flesh. “CURSE THEM! THEY. WILL. REMEMBER!” he roared as his head snapped back, the words echoing against the rocks of the cliff.

The black clouds parted as bright rays of sunlight slowly filled the sky above.

The crashing of waves on the shore and the tide rolling in came closer and closer to the robed figure on the beach. His fire had long ago burned out but a putrid smell lingered. His hands had bled and were now covered with dried blood and sand.

A slight figure sits before Scois and studies the scene with curiosity. Her feet covered with ashes and she is covered with soot. Her yellow eyes size up her surroundings. Her lungs fill with the smells of the fire, long since burnt out. Another smell catches her attention and she stands, turning, and sees sparkling blue water. Taking a few steps away, she breaths in again. This time, the air is sweet and fresh. She cocks her head and listens. Waves slap the shore, making a sound that she found quite soothing. A noise behind her causes her to turn quickly.

Scois has stood up and is dumbfounded at what he sees before him.

“Who… are… you, girl?”

Yellow eyes stare back at him, listening to his words carefully. She closes her eyes, turns her head, as if listening to unheard words, and then opens her lips. A slight screech scares birds from the nearby trees. She stops quickly and listens once again then, hesitating, she tries again…

You…called me. I am…here for you. I am to learn and…obey.”

Scois’ eyes become round with fear and excitement! “Mine? You are… MINE! YOU are mine to command! YOU are MY CREATION! My legacy! YOU will teach Certovia that my words have meaning! YOU will show the world all the magic I now obtain! I will be the master of the Gods! All will bow to ME!!! YOU are…. are….”

He stopped and took in deep breaths before he spoke again, looking thru slits of eyes.

“You are real? Where… ” She pointed to the embers as he walked to her and the smell of sulphur hit him. “The fire? You came from.. the FIRE?!” Excitement overwhelmed him. ” You are the curse I called for! It is you who will, who will….  YEEEES!”

“Come! Let me teach you of the things you need to know. There is work to do!” And stopping short, he turned and looked at her. “I will call you, Draer.” Nodding, he started walking away as she followed. “Draer, the name that will curse this land forever more!”

As they walked, he could hardly contain the excitement he was feeling. He even clicked his heels and let laughter pass thru his lips. “We have work to do!” he hissed.

“We have work to do!”

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