Question: #DeadMusic

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    1a. Do you think you should have the ability to upload your own intro, auto attack, and death music?
    I will always vote in favor of the *option* of more customization. I would like to have those sounds included by you devs by default.

    1b. Does it add to immersion as well as give you that extra personal touch?
    Personally, I think it would take away from the immersion. I’m no artist, so I would be using sounds that someone else created. Any time I heard the victory noise, I would automatically think about Final Fantasy, instead of DtN.

    1c. Does it take away from the artistry of the developer’s storyline?
    I think it does. All the time and effort you spend creating the perfect world to experience the story, then I get to add a cartoony death sound? I’m sure there are people out there who want that, but I would leave most, if not all, of my sounds set to the default.

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