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    I like what Azrabaine wrote and I completely agree with his thoughts.

    I have always held that the Shadow Knight should be the antithesis of the Paladin…
    While I am of course not unique in that thought, I have rarely seen it done effectively in a game.

    Both are sturdy, full armor wearing, “tanky” classes. However, where the Paladin deals in light and health, the Shadow Knight deals in darkness, pain, and death. The Paladin protects his/her allies with buffs and healing magic, but also has limited debuffs for enemies. The Shadow Knight curses his enemies with DoTs, de-buffs, and life-stealing magic, but also can buff allies in a more “dark magic” sort of way.

    However, the Shadow Knight is not simply a Necromancer in plate armor. While they both tap into the same dark magic, they use it differently…

    The Necromancer is more about reanimating the dead to fight his battles and uses ranged abilities and weapons because he is a cloth wearing “squishy”. The Shadow Knight is a plate wearing melee specialist that can tank a lot of damage while using DoTs and dark magic debuffs.

    I believe Everquest had the closest idea to what a Shadow Knight should be, except that the EQ class was far too squishy for a supposed plate wearing knight, and I was never sure why the Shadow Knight should need to raise a skeleton to tank for him; a SK should be his own tank and have dark magic to supplement his attacks. Also, his signature spell “Harm Touch” which was the opposing spell to the Paladin’s “Lay on Hands” was essentially useless.

    Other games have done a reasonable job of a similar class. While I appreciated the Dark Knight class and had fun playing it, it was nevertheless not what I picture a “Dark Paladin” to be. It just didn’t have the right “feel”. I again agree with Azrabaine that Dark Knight self-heals were far too powerful. Of course life-stealing should be a part of the Shadow Knight kit, it should only be supplemental to his dark magic damage dealing and battlefield manipulation.

    Regarding the “feel”… Where a Paladin gives the feeling of virtue and protection, the presence of a Shadow Knight should project a very dark and sinister feeling to those around him. In short, the Shadow Knight should be a scary bad-ass to see on the battlefield (or even in town).

    You asked about specific abilities and I want to give that more consideration, so I will follow-up. I just wanted to give my thoughts on the class in general for now. The idea of the Shadow Knight has always been my favorite class, and I very much want a legitimate “Dark Paladin” to be my class of choice in DTN.

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