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    Here are some main things from my LONG MMO experience:
    1. Mob packs that are “linked” together, pull one, all will come no matter what. I like individual mob behavior and the ability for player manipulation.
    2. The ability to rush to end game content. This completely loses my interest in a game if there is not major content ALL the way thru the game and much slower experience progression. I like a game where I am not watching the exp bar, and I know this is a tough one to pull off. But lots of layers from dungeons, exploration, horizontal leveling, crafting, dynamic events, rare spawns, are good examples of how to create this environment.
    3. Limited bag space in a game that POURS out lots of items. Nothing worse than trying to figure out what to keep and sell constantly. Better yet, provide a creative way to obtain extra storage in the game, make it fun. I love to have and earn lots of items
    4. Question marks above NPC heads, guiding you on rails. I find this makes me put my head down, running from point A to B to C… I would rather explore and discover quests or progression. I often get bored fast if the game guides you too much.
    5. PUG groups for mandatory progression. I often won’t play a game that forces me to have to use a pick up group. That has to be the worst immersion breaking experience for me, as no one talks & it becomes a speed rush to finish, which completely ruins the whole experience. Create a game that encourages one to make friends and join a good guild of like-minded people.
    6. Hate cash shops- I prefer a game where literally EVERYTHING is earned in game. I would absolutely pay a premium monthly to keep it this way. I hate Mobile games for the reason that it feels like every game nickel & dimes you for every bit of progression. Horrible…

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