Question: Open World Design

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    MAWorking said it well…

    I like to explore and work on goals, it is the goals that keep me highly involved and invested in any game. It is what keeps me thinking about the game when I am not logged into the world. That is something that has not happened to me in a long time because MMOs seemed to forget that factor.

    Simply camping a spot for experience is no where near as powerful as camping a spot for a special chance to get a unique drop for something like a quest or craft material, etc… You are getting experience without that being the number one focus, and that is a nice design.

    In a perfect game world, I would break down my time as follows:
    40% Dungeons & Questing or Seeking Quest items
    40% Exploration & Discovery / Challenging my class skills
    20% Crafting (if it is useful)
    10% Socializing
    10% Raiding

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