Need or Greed?

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    I just want to comment that I think the importance of developing friends & running in known groups is something everyone should strive for to guarantee that you have a chance for loot you are working hard for… If you end u having to pick up randoms, you just have to know that could happen. I am totally okay with this system. Eventually, you always get the drop you want, you just have to work at it, and it is a great feeling when you do get it.

    I like No-drop items mixed in too because it requires the actual looter to experience what it takes to get that item. It creates a need and purpose for dungeons or events to be experienced. I also believe there should be a good mix of tradable items that players can camp, trade, twink, do what they want with.. This excites a lot of players and creates a strong alt or replay experience.

    So I think the “known” system of Need Vs. Greed is good, you just have to understand how it can benefit you the most and a lot of that is on you, the player.

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