(Please use Introduction for Intros)Who are you and where the H-EEE-Double Tooth Pick are you from?

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    Hi, I live in Austin Texas and work in the wine business. I cover the country so I travel a lot in my job and get to experience many cool things and places.

    My hobby is gaming, aways has been. I have been gaming for over 30 years from console then PC when King’s Quest first came out. I played Everquest for 11 year (off and on the last 6 years of it) and have played a TON of other MMOs since. I have a very creative mind and have dabbled in some successful mod packs back in the day with Neverwinter Nights. Fun but took a lot of work.

    Like most, I am waiting for a good game to suck me into its world, one where I think about being it it when not logged in… There is some great people here with talent and powerful minds, so excited to see what progresses. Glad to be here.

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