Question: Open World Design

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    I like to spend my time grinding dungeons and different little camps throughout the world looking for better gear and spells/abilities and selling them to other players via an auction house (preferred) or through a chat windows. I prefer an auction house because it makes me feel like I am getting something accomplished when I am logged off. Nothing like waking up with that anticipation to log in and see what’s going on in the game and checking to see what you sold. If I am not grinding dungeons and watching my store or auction house. I will be spending my time crafting to, you guessed it, put stuff in the auction house/store to have more wares for “my store”. Also, I love spending time harvesting resources, specifically rare resources, so that I may provide unique gear, spells, and abilities in “my store”, I will also sell some of those resources, but I hoard a ton also. I know this isn’t a crafting question but I also like it when player crafted items have a made by tag on them for others to see. If I am not doing one of those things mixed in with some PvP, I’ll be trying to look for groups to be doing the dungeons/camps/raids.

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