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    Obviously I would want each class to be unique in every way, that is key and difficult to pull off but so necessary for longevity.

    For the Wizard I would like to see some of these abilities, which would intrigue me to play one:
    1. Ability to port to wizard portals throughout the world.
    2. Ability to summon self buffs in arcane nature
    3. Flash buffs, forward teleportation movement skills
    4. Instant cast, medium cast, and long cast time spells.
    5. Some of the highest DPS, yet have to manage agro though
    6. The ability to cast AoE protection spells to group / raid in the elemental school (fire, cold, electric)

    To not be interested:
    1. Some or most of the above missing from abilities
    2. Too squishy where you die way too fast
    3. Hardly any utility skills
    4. Spell effects are lacking or spell skills

    *As a side note, I hope that spells / skills are not tied to one another for combos and world cooldowns. I know some like this but it really creates a set pattern for DPS rotation and then it becomes just button smashing in same order. I.E. FFXIV which is a shame. I would much rather see resource management and skills you can use on the fly. Anything that locks you into a rotaion gets super boring.

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