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    I am a HUGE exploration nut so just throwing this out there. I always wanted a treasure map type system that also applied to raw resources. So the treasure map (or resource map) could also refer to a set of bountiful trees that net a decent return. Up to you to figure out the map and navigate there. This could apply to all kinds of resources, not always just gold or jewels, gear etc… Maybe one sends you into an Orc camp, one of their tents where some iron ingots are stashed, etc… Makes it way more fun in addition to regular grinding.

    I also thought it would be really neat if rare spawn NPCs could be traveling down a road with set resources in their wagon or packs. Up to you to be able to defeat them and steal their loot. If you do not reach them and engage in time, they could get away etc… They would not always be in the same area, would be throughout the world and level appropriate. Again, I am a sucker for dynamic worlds.

    Lastly, Why not have some resources on NPCs as a part of their drop table. Not out of the question that an Orc Woodcutter has wood on him or a Goblin Burrower has gems etc… Anything to eliminate the 100% need to just go out and gather or chop wood will be much better.

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