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    Yep I would love to see rare recipes drop or be obtained out in the world. If you don’t have one, you do not have the knowledge to make one. The could be traded etc… But rare means rare, should not see 50 available on the auction house.

    I would like a system similar to this:

    Diamond Laced Dagger of Swiftness

    *must have recipe learned
    1. Obtain or craft necessary mold casing for desired dagger design (mold disappears on use)
    2. Smelt Steel & Orluvium (made this up) ingots. And combine it with mold and heat source. 10% chance on fail or flawed item, must start over.
    3. On success, you always have the molded piece to improve upon. This could equal different quality grades by RNG. After 3 poorest grade attempts the item becomes ruined. Start over. But in this case we got lucky and got Superior grade. 🙂
    4. Combine mold with grinding mechanism, becomes a polished piece
    5. Use it on sharpening wheel to bring out the blade portion, becomes polish blade. 10% chance to fail, have to restart polishing phase is the case.
    6. Combine with leather straps, Steel butt, bits, and decorative jewels to create base designed dagger
    7. Combine and enchant with potion of swiftness to become designed dagger of swiftness. 10% chance to fail enchantment or ruin dagger. This would suck but I think it is a necessary risk.
    8. Heat & Forge with diamond dust, special rare ingredient, other ingredients to create Superior Diamond-Laced dagger of swiftness (Made by Pyye)

    Anyway my point to this is that I would like to see it involve many steps, almost quest-like, and have risk throughout the process on certain stages. Define its quality early which could take several tries, then move on etc… The whole time, you are earning experience for the different crafts involved.

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