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    Seems like everyone who posted a response to this are non crafters, and I like you hate to craft myself, but there are those out there who simply love to gather and craft and the game should reward those who like it instead of making it easier for those who don’t.
    That being said I don’t like it when all the best items in the game are crafted either, why would I repeat the same dungeon over and over again for items that are weaker then ones that can be crafted by someone else. Perhaps crafters should be more focused instead on repairing and modifying item drops? and crafting other things that dont drop like buildings/boats, potions, foods, etc

    But all that was slightly off topic, as for gathering I really liked how early arcage did it (back when it was still subscription based instead of p2w) They had world nodes that you could run around gathering that respawned fairly fast and at regular intervals, after searching the map you could find a sweet spot for a certain resource and keep going to that spot to farm it.
    Meanwhile you also had a plot of land you could plant things in on a timer so you didn’t have to go out looking for these nodes, but the land you received was at a premium so you couldn’t use this exclusively for heavy crafting. In this case you could choose to plant things in the open world, where others could find them and harvest them. You had two choices at this point, you could hide a few things in remote corners and leave them, hoping no one else would discover them, or you could plant a huge harvest in a pvp area and guard them from other players. Doing this would add a huge group mechanic to gathering resources.

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