Question: What is best for Grouping in an MMORPG

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    For you , what is the “best” way to spend time with a group of friends or guild-mates in an MMORPG? Simply having fun. If the creators provide as much fun content to the player it keeps everyone happy and keep everyone coming back for more.

    Do you love dungeon crawling?
    Dungeon Crawling is why I will never stop MMOing. Meeting up with your buddies to dive into a new dungeon or to push for a lower level you have never been able to reach before in a dungeon is where I take most of my fun out of playing.

    Choose mini events because you’re limited on time?
    We are all getting older and shorter on free time so offering mini events also I feel is very important. If I can log in for an hour and accomplish some goals that helps keep me logging in. Nothing worse than logging in and not being able to find anything worthwhile to do and wasting an hour or two.

    Do you get your kicks with PVP in open world?
    I am sorry but I want to just answer yes to all these question. Open World PvP is a great way to give the player something to do no matter how little time they have.

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