Question: Death System #RIP

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    A. What is your favorite type of death system in an MMORPG?
    Vanguard I think did a pretty solid job with their death system.

    B. What is your least favorite death system?
    I hate to say this but old school EQ. I just don’t have time to collect a corpse run gear set and don’t have time to be okay with wiping 3 times in a dungeon just trying to get my corpse back and spending 4 hours in a night only to walk out with less XP, money and/or gear I started the day with.

    C. What kind of system would you like to see in DTN?
    The true gamer in me that likes to pretend he still has time to play video games 30 hours a day 8 days a week loves the hardcore rule set. Really separate the men and women from the boys and girls. However those days are over and really we don’t make gamers like that anymore. Too hardcore of death rules will alienate a great deal of the younger players that have never gamed like that and the old folk that have real responsibility in life and do not have time to spend hours recuperating from a death. There has to be a penalty for death, but it can’t be extreme that makes people rage uninstall the game and take to the forums with hate.

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