(Please use Introduction for Intros)Who are you and where the H-EEE-Double Tooth Pick are you from?

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    Hello all, Im from Ontario Canada.
    My favorite games when I was a child were final fantasy and dragon warrior for my old nintendo (still own the system and games even now). I was more into RTS games in the 90’s and early 2000’s playing games like red alert, star craft, war craft (not WoW), and age of empires. I also loved playing diablo 1 and 2.
    My first real mmorpg games would have been tibia and dark swords. The MMO that really got me hooked was Runes of Magic, which I played pretty much exclusively for 5 years. Archage pulled me away from that game, although I only played it for maybe a year. Since then I have played nearly every mmorpg that has been released, searching for my next game to fall in love with. Typically I’ve tried more indie games that boast they are throw backs to older games, such as project gorgon. More recently I tried legends of aria (what a shit game that is) and shroud of the avatar (which is good until you reach end game and there is simply nothing to do)
    So really hoping this game is the one I’ve been searching for, because I don’t see any other hope in the near future. Please don’t make me go back to playing PoE and D&D online 🙂

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