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    Shadow Knight reminds me of Death Knight from WoW. I do not actually mind , because that was my main back then. I presume there will be some similarities even we are speaking of own kind concept at the same time.

    Creating a Warrior and Necromancer hybrid class sounds pretty interesting and it woke up my interest straight away. I hope we are going to see mix of damage dealer, tank and debuffer/distractor.

    I would like to see tanking to base a lot to dark magic, shadows and summons. Where warrior most likely relys on armor, shield, protective abilities, barriers, buffs, supporting allies.. maybe SK could focus more to dodge, crowd control, debuff, sacrifice summons. So my point is to make these two tanks totally different from their playstyles.

    Okay this was what first came up my mind and I will come back later to share more ideas and opinions. 🙂

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