Question: What is best for Grouping in an MMORPG

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    The best way for myself. To be sought after for the Arms and Armor, or Gemstones and Vials, I am able to make for my fellow adventurers. Whilst getting lost in the array of the world to stumble on a new time of mineral, or specific herb to utilize in strengthening my particular craft. Varies based game by game, but I do love to dabble in the craftmanship, and somewhat merchant hood of any adventure. I feel the utility of being able to provide and strengthen comrades in dungeons, raids, or general life brings me good pleasure because I know my crafts are usually the best.

    A nice dungeon crawl with those who I geared up and can carry me to find another exotic ingredient is always a nice welcome in the change of pace to the apothecary or forge.

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