Crafting System Idea

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    I like the mentorship style idea. Would allow a constant experience of teacher and student and vice versa. In an ideal world that is lost in my head somewhere, I would enjoy seeing this as well as no gear drops. Only drops of items (crafting materials) that could be used in a craft, and no npc was able to mass sell finished products, only products that were sold to them to help keep an economical balance of supply and demand. The trading of goods and services to one another between crafters and adventurers and even crafters and crafters would keep an interesting storyline with both being continuously gaining experience with the aide of each other. This type of mentorship could even be extended between powerful Sorcerer and a novice who hasn’t yet learned to hone their spellcasting. Trial and error on all fronts don’t allow the world just give you a book and suddenly you know what you are doing.

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