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    So, I’m pretty tired of the boring “Craft this 200 times to level up” system. I’d like it to feel a bit more realistic, so npc masters were something that came to mind. I have nothing against the “Level x crafting required to make this item” concept, just the way most mmos go about having you level them. You first need to be taught the basics by someone more experienced. For this, maybe a gather/fetch quest to learn the basics and unlock the respective crafting skill. Then you need to start a questline which teaches you some mechanics (the crafting system would be some kind of minigame where you need to control the material’s temperature, be mindful of it’s toughness and so on, which is unknown at the start and you need to find out by trial and error). This info is then automatically saved in a bestiary type of notebook and different for every material. Xp is awarded depending on the quality of the item and the discovered traits of the material. A higher level means access to more standard crafting recipes, the ability to learn higher ranked recipes which are obtained from mobs or through quests as well as making the crafting minigame for lower ranked materials easier. At the end of the questline, you need to craft an item which fills some requirements (certain quality, damage or worth), after which you get promoted to the next rank. From then on, you need to keep presenting higher and higher quality items, which have to have been made by the player who is handing them in.

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    Neat concept!
    I have always liked being taught and learning from others. Would it be a wanted system to have the ability to learn recipes from others that have already learned the system? Can you really get good at something without trying and failing? Perhaps you would see a certain chance for failure, success, high quality and exquisite based on experience.

    Controlling temperature was done in Vanguard SOH and I heard very good things about it.

    Very good stuff!

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    I have always wondered why crafting is the same?
    I have thought that there should be some trial and error and even a randomness.
    So you want to make a knife. As mentioned above, perhaps you learn from another, perhaps you quest to learn it, or perhaps you buy (ingame currency) a recipe. Or all the above. But the recipe is for the core item.
    So in this example, a knife. You need 2 flint, 1 leather, 1 twine. 3 core ingredients and it makes a simple stone knife.
    But the recipe has 2 other slots available. What could those ingredients be?
    A color option? A jewel option? A skill option (ie throwable, or length etc).

    So this take the dying or coloring of gear out of the individual player and puts it in the crafters hand. Hey, I do not buy a beautiful shirt and go home and dye it.

    But play it forward… that knife recipe. Thats it. There is only the one recipe.
    What if I use iron instead of flint? What if I use steel instead of iron? What if I use 10 instead of 2?

    The self discovery could be amazing.
    Now the reality. Some player will decipher the variables in no time. How the developer can make it ever changing is via the rarity of core ingredients and or the rarity of a 6 slot recipe etc.

    You can definitely make this more complicated, or less complicated.
    Less complicated, the metal or core ingredient always goes in slot 1….
    More complicated, what if you use the core ingredient last? Hmmmm….

    I can kind of feel a crafting developer bashing their head on their keyboard thinking about the numbers. I think it be fun to build that one out. Just a big unknown puzzle.

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    Yep I would love to see rare recipes drop or be obtained out in the world. If you don’t have one, you do not have the knowledge to make one. The could be traded etc… But rare means rare, should not see 50 available on the auction house.

    I would like a system similar to this:

    Diamond Laced Dagger of Swiftness

    *must have recipe learned
    1. Obtain or craft necessary mold casing for desired dagger design (mold disappears on use)
    2. Smelt Steel & Orluvium (made this up) ingots. And combine it with mold and heat source. 10% chance on fail or flawed item, must start over.
    3. On success, you always have the molded piece to improve upon. This could equal different quality grades by RNG. After 3 poorest grade attempts the item becomes ruined. Start over. But in this case we got lucky and got Superior grade. 🙂
    4. Combine mold with grinding mechanism, becomes a polished piece
    5. Use it on sharpening wheel to bring out the blade portion, becomes polish blade. 10% chance to fail, have to restart polishing phase is the case.
    6. Combine with leather straps, Steel butt, bits, and decorative jewels to create base designed dagger
    7. Combine and enchant with potion of swiftness to become designed dagger of swiftness. 10% chance to fail enchantment or ruin dagger. This would suck but I think it is a necessary risk.
    8. Heat & Forge with diamond dust, special rare ingredient, other ingredients to create Superior Diamond-Laced dagger of swiftness (Made by Pyye)

    Anyway my point to this is that I would like to see it involve many steps, almost quest-like, and have risk throughout the process on certain stages. Define its quality early which could take several tries, then move on etc… The whole time, you are earning experience for the different crafts involved.

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    I like the mentorship style idea. Would allow a constant experience of teacher and student and vice versa. In an ideal world that is lost in my head somewhere, I would enjoy seeing this as well as no gear drops. Only drops of items (crafting materials) that could be used in a craft, and no npc was able to mass sell finished products, only products that were sold to them to help keep an economical balance of supply and demand. The trading of goods and services to one another between crafters and adventurers and even crafters and crafters would keep an interesting storyline with both being continuously gaining experience with the aide of each other. This type of mentorship could even be extended between powerful Sorcerer and a novice who hasn’t yet learned to hone their spellcasting. Trial and error on all fronts don’t allow the world just give you a book and suddenly you know what you are doing.

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