Question: What is best for Grouping in an MMORPG

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    For you , what is the “best” way to spend time with a group of friends or guildmates in an MMORPG?
    Do you love dungeon crawling?
    Choose mini events because you’re limited on time?
    Do you get your kicks with PVP in open world?
    Do you take your allies in to battle with a specific task to take down that dastardly boss mob?
    OR something else ?

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    For me, style changes based on scenario and time. On days when you do not have endless time, smaller achievable tasks are the desired route. Rewards are not always gear or skills but sometimes it is simply quality of life. Example might be a quick travel hub access or get to the high point (hill top) and now you “reveal” your map or more of a map. Just small, but measurable, achievements that are not necessarily based on time.

    Then there are days when you can dig in. I have no issue with putting time in, but dislike timers. Grinding comes into play here, and though no one likes a long repetitive grind that is followed by a new shiney grind, there will be a need for it. Be it to build experience, or skills for crafting… repetition is going to happen. On the deep dive day, I want to be able to reach one of these repetitive grinding skills. Be it a new level, or a new skill. Often they come together as a final win!!! TA DA, you are now level 11 and can shoot fire arrows. Why doesn’t the skill improve as you level? At level 10, you have a fire arrow skill but it is only 10% full strength. As you build through that next level, it grows. So, before you hit level 11, you could have a 90% strengthed skill. Once again, just small mile markers that a player can shoot for (pun intended) during their game play.

    Grouping. Mixed. When time is limited, grouping can be a time sink. It can also be a way to get through more content or hit a larger goal. It really depends on the group. Running with a guild/kinship is typically more fun then any pug (pickup group).

    Raiding. I enjoy the rewards. I hate the time sink. I will never lead one but appreciate those who do. There is a time and place for them. I HATE with a passion the elitism of raiders. Raiding does not have to be a profanity filled hour on hour long rant by keyboard warriors. This has more to do with the players then the game. Just an observation.

    PVP is not my first choice for game play. (see above for similar reasoning). Basically, I want to enjoy a game and pwning someone or being ganked really doesn’t do it for me). Forced PvP is a non-starter for me. Full loot PvP guarantees I will run naked but not really enjoy it. I guess, there is a time and a place for it, but definitely not my first choice of play style.

    Any tool that helps build community is a good thing for me. Chats, notes, inscribing crafting items, guilds/kinships, etc.

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    Thank you for your input @maworking !

    A lot of this I agree with and Defend the Night staff and some of the community feel that same way. I am not sure we will honor quick travel in game until we gauge it further but measurable, achievements that are not necessarily based on time will be something we pay particular attention to.

    I agree some grinding will happen that’s just part of MMORPG but it shouldn’t feel like a daily task or quest that feels like a “honey do” list item.

    As far as raiding we’re planning on doing something for everyone. We are betting our systems will please you all.

    DtN is aiming to not force PVP on PVE players. Open world PVP zones will be announced far in advance. More to come on this system at a later date.

    As far as the tools I certainly agree with that! Personally, I will make sure that those systems that foster community involvement become a reality in DtN.

    I thank you for your response! I’ll take note!

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    Quick travel was really just an example of small measurable achievements. Running can be a grind in of itself. Blooping from here to there can also break immersion.
    I did read about instancing and that really can resolve some of that run to the otherside of the world to kill Big Boss Bob.
    All sounds rather interesting and intriguing.

    I think, for myself and friends, we are ready for a new deep dive game. A game where things are not just handed to you or bought via a store.

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    My best experience is having a game that opens up lots of goals or tasks, leaving you wondering which to work on next. This often satisfies whatever mood I may be in from day to day. Having a lot to do gives choices, and those choices should involve different activities.

    I like to get in a group, everyone discusses what they need to work on, then we go out and see what we can accomplish. Dungeon crawls, camp an area for a rare spawn, source items for crafting to satisfy a quest, work on completing a map of a portion of the world, find hidden treasure, Explore, look for rare spawns….

    Notice nothing I mentioned said go grind experience. All activities if done right, give experience and encourages to play, not grind.

    So back to the question about best content for grouping? Having a challenging world that encourages group play is a must. Then having a LOT to work on that requires a multitude of different items to acquire, ties it all in… So to sum it up, would you rather be given a nice storage bag for reaching level 5 or would you rather it be given after a long, involved quest-line, that required you to explore portions of the world, earn rare drops, and put some work in to appreciate it when you get it.

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    I LOVE dungeon crawling. having a few bosses in a dungeon you have to pass thru each with their own mechanics to learn and everyone in the group needing to learn, and everyone has their role in the party to follow or risk having the whole party wipe. THIS is why I play mmorpg’s 🙂
    Having a rare world boss that need a huge raid party which consists of multiple parties is also fun and really brings the MMO part of a mmorpg into scope.
    Usually not a fan of group pvp in open world, most of the time it means a group of 3-4 players running around killing solo players, it can however be fun in a set up planned event, like a guild vs guild siege scenerio

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    For you , what is the “best” way to spend time with a group of friends or guild-mates in an MMORPG? Simply having fun. If the creators provide as much fun content to the player it keeps everyone happy and keep everyone coming back for more.

    Do you love dungeon crawling?
    Dungeon Crawling is why I will never stop MMOing. Meeting up with your buddies to dive into a new dungeon or to push for a lower level you have never been able to reach before in a dungeon is where I take most of my fun out of playing.

    Choose mini events because you’re limited on time?
    We are all getting older and shorter on free time so offering mini events also I feel is very important. If I can log in for an hour and accomplish some goals that helps keep me logging in. Nothing worse than logging in and not being able to find anything worthwhile to do and wasting an hour or two.

    Do you get your kicks with PVP in open world?
    I am sorry but I want to just answer yes to all these question. Open World PvP is a great way to give the player something to do no matter how little time they have.

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    The best way for myself. To be sought after for the Arms and Armor, or Gemstones and Vials, I am able to make for my fellow adventurers. Whilst getting lost in the array of the world to stumble on a new time of mineral, or specific herb to utilize in strengthening my particular craft. Varies based game by game, but I do love to dabble in the craftmanship, and somewhat merchant hood of any adventure. I feel the utility of being able to provide and strengthen comrades in dungeons, raids, or general life brings me good pleasure because I know my crafts are usually the best.

    A nice dungeon crawl with those who I geared up and can carry me to find another exotic ingredient is always a nice welcome in the change of pace to the apothecary or forge.

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