Mob Density – What is everyone’s desire for game play?

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    So for starters, what I am talking about for Mob Density is would you rather kill fewer mobs with more Hitpoints or more mobs with lesser Hitpoints? I realize different parts of the game will vary, but this is a general build balance question.

    Personally I like mobs that can act and think independently, but prefer there be more to manage at a time and be able to kill moderately quickly. A good mix of different type of mobs is great too, having to manage casters that stand away from you or anti-mezz ones etc.. I also like a good mix of wandering mobs to can create dynamic situations. AI to me is key, having to manage complex behavior or risk dying is a beautiful thing!

    My least favorite is fewer mobs, one at a time type killing as the norm. This tends to create static game play and group members do not have to be fully engaged.

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    For me the number really doesn’t matter. I just like meaningful challenging AI with intelligent wanderers that can alert their comrades of impending danger.

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    The world needs to have purpose. Things need to have purpose, even mobs.

    A good example I once heard of was, imagine walking down a path, say you needed to find a town to sell some loot you just recently plundered in a nearby cave. But the path becomes blocked when a band of orcs rush on by towards the town. They slaughter everyone and all npc’s in it Occupying it until further action is taken.

    MMO’s need emergent content, things that happen by no consequence of anyone single person. I’d love to see a game where there’s purpose to everything in the game. Why did that orc raid invade the town, what happens afterwards, do players try to liberate it, or do they brush it off and does that raided town turn into a bustling orc encampment that threatens future settlements?

    I really like roaming mobs. I think AI with pathing is far more interesting, it can allow for all kinds of gameplay.

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    You could have mobs camping together in groups of 2-4 with wandering groups of another 1-3 mobs with nearby stationary groups of another 2-4 mobs. Perhaps 1 of the mobs in the group are SLIGHTLY stronger then the others.

    This allows a rogue the chance to be strategic and pick a smaller group to attack and use his first sneak attack skill to quickly take out the stronger mob, while also needing to keep an eye out for wandering mobs who might jump into the fight.

    An AOE focused player can choose to pull multiple group since the groups would be close enough together.

    This would also pose a fun challenge to a player that kites, especially a single target kiter, you would need to watch how close you get to the other groups and also watch out for the wandering groups so you don’t pull an overwhelming number of mobs you cant effectively heard together.

    Slightly off topic, but this is also a fun mechanic to use in boss fights, having a boss cast a spell that spawns adds can be a fun way to promote group play, single target dpsers can focus down the main boss while aoe dpsers burn down the adds

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