My idea of a necromancer

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    When I think of a necromancer I think of a TON (8-16) of weakling skeletons swordsman/archers slowly advancing on their prey with total chaos, not unlike the old zombie movies.
    I for one loved how early Path of Exiles did their necromancer. You had skills that allowed you to increase the number and strength of the weakling skeletons which you had to build up after killing some mobs. But at the same time you had a couple stronger undead mobs you “tamed” that would stay with you, which you would try to protect, because if it died you would have to go back and “tame” it again.

    This form of necromancy is a clear difference then a tamer class who focuses on having one really strong pet that they control with more accuracy and have skills to heal them and boost their powers or give the individual pet skills to use on their own.

    The biggest downfall of this type of necromancer is the system requirements of having so many npc on the screen at once, knowing this ahead of time is not a big deal if you yourself have the computer to handle it, the problem is when you meet other players in the word who are not as fortunate as yourself and causing them to crash, especially if there is open world pvp involved.

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