Need or Greed?

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    I see that you have a need or greed option for loot. Just a concern with the some behaviour I have seen with some games where if you can need it, that becomes the default option people choose (in Pick up groups). Or will loot have a WOW like effect of being no drop only so folks may be less likely to need on something?

    To be clear, I like Need before Greed, but with resale of items and RMT, it seems like Need all is becoming a de facto standard.

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    It could potentially be an issue. Do you have a suggestion you would like? I’m sure we’ll be hitting this subject later down the road in development. Thanks for the concern!

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    Good question – how to fix it

    I have to admit, its nice to take some awesome loot item and give it to a low level char to twink it up have have fun.
    So I would hate to see that ability go.

    And I doubt you can put some type of moral check on players so that only the “good” ones can play.

    Which leaves having items as no drop, or extreme class specific.

    Maybe in a group, you only get one need, until everyone in the group has done a need? probably difficult to enforce that, and somewhat easy to get around by reforming groups.

    I guess in the end, there isn’t really much you can do. Just hope people use Greed instead of need as the default.

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    I think this is going to be a tough one to tackle from a design standpoint.

    Do you trust that your game will attract and create a friendly and helpful community?

    Personally, I kind of like how WoW is currently handling loot, for the most part. I am not a fan of personal loot being mandatory for everything as that takes the joy out of it. However, I like all items being trade-able for a short time after looting. I feel like it helps negate the instance of “oops I had that set to need” because you can then give that item to the player who needs it the most.

    As far as farming gear to twink out alts, this is definitely something a vast majority of people like to do. I’m not really sure how it fits with what I wrote above though. Maybe items that you find while solo are not bound to the character that looted them, but instead to that player’s account?

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    I just want to comment that I think the importance of developing friends & running in known groups is something everyone should strive for to guarantee that you have a chance for loot you are working hard for… If you end u having to pick up randoms, you just have to know that could happen. I am totally okay with this system. Eventually, you always get the drop you want, you just have to work at it, and it is a great feeling when you do get it.

    I like No-drop items mixed in too because it requires the actual looter to experience what it takes to get that item. It creates a need and purpose for dungeons or events to be experienced. I also believe there should be a good mix of tradable items that players can camp, trade, twink, do what they want with.. This excites a lot of players and creates a strong alt or replay experience.

    So I think the “known” system of Need Vs. Greed is good, you just have to understand how it can benefit you the most and a lot of that is on you, the player.

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