New Team Members of DTN! Sanne and Brig

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    I would like to notify you of the following additions to the team here at DTN!

    It’s bright once again at “Defend the Night”! I want to welcome @sanne to the team as DtN’s new seamstress and character artist. You can see some of her work via https://www.artstation.com/s_v_d . I can’t wait to showcase all the beards, hair, wizard robes and characters that will be in DtN through @sanne ‘s hard work. Sanne was a perfect world international fan so MMORPG’s are certainly something Sanne really enjoys! Congrats Sanne & welcome!

    I would like to announce another new addition to the team. He has been working on our game theory and design for the last couple of weeks and it’s about time to show him off! He is a “Game Designer” with a passion for MMORPG and the strategy game genera. He comes to us with a robust gaming background, gaming Everquest titles, Final Fantasy, and Age of Empires to name a few! He will be working on things like resistance systems and formulas, city diplomacy and trade just to name a few. Please give a warm welcome to “Game Designer” @brig !

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