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    Resource Systems
    1a. In your experiences playing MMORPG, city building or strategy titles, which gathering resource systems have you enjoyed?
    1b. Do you feel that chopping trees down, scavenging and working the land feel extremely boring and grindy?
    If so how would you make it challenging, fun , and less grindy?

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    Resource gathering can be a grind. It can also be unrealistic. Seriously, how many trees do you have to cut down to make a house? And how fast are those trees replenished in the world?
    To answer the question more directly;
    1a) I enjoyed the system that required me to establish the resource and then it passively generated the resource.
    Example: Wood. I would have to harvest 100 wood by chopping down trees. Once I received the need quantity, I could then build a lumber yard (or some other physical node that now creates the resource). Once completed, the new lumbar yard node can be used to gather X wood. This should not be automatic, it should be log in and clicky clicky. Reward the loyal daily player and reduce the resource mule generating.
    1b) Yes, but there has to be some level of grind. If you use the above node idea, it does not prevent the player who wants to grind chopping trees all day. The challenge there is preventing a few players from actually dominating a resource. If the respawn rate of a tree is too low, then it allows for the griefing of a resource. Granted, that could be a nice strategy and add to the realism. People would then choose to build where there are actual resources needed.

    Deeper dive:
    Only 1 node resource could be created by an account. This would also translate to only 1 house/home/structure per account.
    It should not be easy or quick to build a structure

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    Resource gathering of virtually any type bores me to tears. Oddly enough, I’ve always been more of a fan of managing resource gathering. So, instead of chopping trees or mining ore I set up my infastructure and let things happen while I’m free to do what I enjoy most: Killing everything in sight.

    That being said, SWTOR’s resource gathering system is far from perfect it was the system that kept me crafting longer than any other MMO.

    I will end this response by saying that this type of system is likely not ideal for the majority of players. I enjoy a lot of business sims, and they’re definitely an aquired taste.

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    SWTOR was a send out a non-player character to harvest items. It actually is not that far off from the node idea I mentioned above.
    Example: you had to meet and befriend that character before they were available to head out on side missions. That is not all that different from gathering wood to build a lumber yard, just a different description.
    For what it is worth, I could see these nodes as people you hire too. (similar to SWTOR)
    Could be a bit more interesting (though I wonder the success) if the people you hire to get the resource are actual players.
    Just food for thought.

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    Some of the Developers here are big SWTOR fans. We have some real interesting things lined up for this aspect of DTN. Thank you so much for your thoughts and some of this backs up what we had in mind for DTN systems.

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    I am a HUGE exploration nut so just throwing this out there. I always wanted a treasure map type system that also applied to raw resources. So the treasure map (or resource map) could also refer to a set of bountiful trees that net a decent return. Up to you to figure out the map and navigate there. This could apply to all kinds of resources, not always just gold or jewels, gear etc… Maybe one sends you into an Orc camp, one of their tents where some iron ingots are stashed, etc… Makes it way more fun in addition to regular grinding.

    I also thought it would be really neat if rare spawn NPCs could be traveling down a road with set resources in their wagon or packs. Up to you to be able to defeat them and steal their loot. If you do not reach them and engage in time, they could get away etc… They would not always be in the same area, would be throughout the world and level appropriate. Again, I am a sucker for dynamic worlds.

    Lastly, Why not have some resources on NPCs as a part of their drop table. Not out of the question that an Orc Woodcutter has wood on him or a Goblin Burrower has gems etc… Anything to eliminate the 100% need to just go out and gather or chop wood will be much better.

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    Seems like everyone who posted a response to this are non crafters, and I like you hate to craft myself, but there are those out there who simply love to gather and craft and the game should reward those who like it instead of making it easier for those who don’t.
    That being said I don’t like it when all the best items in the game are crafted either, why would I repeat the same dungeon over and over again for items that are weaker then ones that can be crafted by someone else. Perhaps crafters should be more focused instead on repairing and modifying item drops? and crafting other things that dont drop like buildings/boats, potions, foods, etc

    But all that was slightly off topic, as for gathering I really liked how early arcage did it (back when it was still subscription based instead of p2w) They had world nodes that you could run around gathering that respawned fairly fast and at regular intervals, after searching the map you could find a sweet spot for a certain resource and keep going to that spot to farm it.
    Meanwhile you also had a plot of land you could plant things in on a timer so you didn’t have to go out looking for these nodes, but the land you received was at a premium so you couldn’t use this exclusively for heavy crafting. In this case you could choose to plant things in the open world, where others could find them and harvest them. You had two choices at this point, you could hide a few things in remote corners and leave them, hoping no one else would discover them, or you could plant a huge harvest in a pvp area and guard them from other players. Doing this would add a huge group mechanic to gathering resources.

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