Raid Wipe Solutions

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    I wanted to start a thread to discuss possible solutions when a raid wipes. Want I want to discuss are game designs that allow the group to assemble back in a more efficient manner than what it took to reach to raid spot initially.

    What are some of your ideas that you think can provide a good solution to this?

    An example of what I mean would be this… You work for an hour and half to reach the said Raid Boss, things do not go well and the raid wipes. Is the group really going to have to work their way back again to try over? This approach would be discouraging and not equal and exciting raid players would want to repeat often.

    I was thinking about a system that would progressively place the members further and further out as each wipe occurs. This way you get some attempts to accomplish your goal, but if you don’t succeed, it gets more difficult to reach the encounter again. Then, the raid might have to retry at a later date once it resets again. I think this would encourage players to get involved more and have more fun trying it… It punishes you, but only worse as you don’t accomplish the intended goal.

    What are some of your thoughts?

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