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Post has published by Fellan
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2019 Q1 DtN News

Post has published by Scribbles
Quarter 1, 2019 It’s been an exciting 4 months since our last update. We wanted to highlight some things that have changed since November 2018 in our 2019 Q1 Newsletter! The DtN team has expanded from a one person development...
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DTN Featured on MassivelyOP

Post has published by Bryan
We were recently included on the Massively Overpowered 'MMOs You've Never Heard Of' feature! Here's a snippet from the article: 'Finally, keep an eye on Defend the Night, a game developer Ninja Loot Games says is influenced by classic MMOs,...
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Devblog 11 – Expanding The Map and Player Cities

Post has published by Bryan
Finally back to content creation, I've made a lot of progress expanding the map over the past couple of weeks.  There are now two player starting cities, two open world areas, and an additional survival event map. Player Starting Cities...
Defend The Night - Devblog 10

Devblog 10 – Character Persistence and Matchmaking

Post has published by Bryan
It's been a long 3 months of working on backend services, but I've made some excellent progress and am finally ready to show off this major update.  To build on Devblog 9's real-time multiplayer update, I've now incorporated full character persistence,...
Defend The Night - Devblog 9

Devblog 9 – Multiplayer and Networking

Post has published by Bryan
This week's devblog will give a quick update on the progress so far with Multiplayer and Networking testing. Multiplayer Setup The first goal was to simply get at test build running on a cloud server and allowing multiple clients to...
Defend The Night - Devblog 8 (3D UI Previews)

Devblog 8 – Combat Stances and Art Updates

Post has published by Bryan
This week's devblog will introduce new updates to the Inventory and Defender systems' UI, Environment Art, and preview Player Stances.  I'll also discuss changing directions on the development roadmap. Character Previews Animated 3D character models have been added to the...
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