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Half Orc

In addition to the races before them, the Half Orc managed to establish a foothold in Certovia.  After mixed breeding between the Orc and the Humans, the Half-Orc eventually replaced most of the Orc population.  Orc themselves were created by anomalies, caused by the practice of dark magic.  Not all things created by dark magic are pure evil. The Orcs, while savage, found common ground with the Electi through their hatred of the dragons.  As Orcs slowly became more accepted in Electi populations, the Half-Orcs became a common sight in Certovia. 


Nestled at the base of Araxie Valley, a curious village lies with convenient access to both Decrepit Planes and Terra Pax.  Both areas are home to those of the Half-Orc race. Very rustic in style, there are traces of more refined tastes here and there. A delicate flower pot, silk curtains blowing out of windows. The families here are the product of inter-racial marriages that happened when curious adventurers sought to find out what lay beyond their own homes.

The Lord Mayor (or so he was called) was a kind man of human descent. His wife, an Orc, wore the traditional veil over her face, hiding the fact she had no eyes. But her inherent sense served her well as she walked among the others and shopped for the vegetables she would use for dinner. 


The Orc species have no eyes and have developed their heightened sense of awareness through touch, sounds and smell.  Though they have lower natural agility and dexterity, they make up for it in their natural strength, constitution and slightly higher intelligence.  Even though they cannot see in darkness, their senses heighten their ability to sense presence in the darkness, slightly modifying what can be seen to the naked eye.  They have become masters at detecting deception and that of which is normally deemed hidden.  They have also adapted to have natural mental strength and can take less damage from that type of magic.  Lastly, Half Orcs tend to have slightly higher mana regen than the other races, but not as high as the Elves.


Half Orcs tend to be weaker to Cold, Arcane and Unholy damage.  Their inability to see has heightened other senses but they are weaker to countering direct physical damage. They are also weak against loud noises such as explosions or percussion effects and often take slightly more damage.  

Classes: May play any class

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