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Perhaps the most diverse of the god’s creations, humans are a highly adaptable, dependable and hardy race. Humans, along with the elves, are oftentimes referred to as “electi,” meaning “chosen.” In Defend the Night, players that choose to play as a human will find that their character may play as any class and have an easier time interacting with other playable races.

Humans were brought into existence to combat the dragonkind roaming Certovia.

Though, with the spread of “Darkness,” dragonkind and humans have formed a tentative alliance – for the time being. 

The humans dwell in many land areas of Mortalha.  From the peaks of Kald Luft to the islands in the Sea of Sanus, to the basins of the Admalum River, humans can be found.  Known as a charismatic race, humans can usually rise with ease in diplomatic situations or rely on silver-tongue salesmanship to get a better price on product.   They are also known to be a very persistent and durable race, which might make them the perfect choice for those classes that need elevated constitution and/or dexterity.


Humans have an elevated dexterity but a lower physical stature compared to the Rel’goth. Humans are versatile, which gives them comparable midgrade stats.  Humans will naturally have higher starting Charisma which will be perfect for leadership positions in Mortalha.

(May play any class) 


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