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During the latest attempt at creation through the use of Dark Magic, the Rel’goth were accidentally summoned from deep within “The Darkness” by the most powerful Dark Magic followers. Like the Orcs, who share their Dark Magic origins, the Rel’goth have proven to be useful by the Electi due for their raw strength and seemingly endless rage.  Functioning with slightly more logic than their brethren the Half-Orc, and possessing extreme strength and resilience, they are one of the few races that dare to work with the purer forms of magic. The Rel’goth formed a serious hate of the Dragonkind and will often be seen conspiring to bring them down by any means possible.

Rel’goth densely Inhabit the southern underground city of Nocuus.  Rel’goth, probably the most misunderstood race on Certovia.  It is currently unknown how the Rel’goth were exactly brought into existence but it most certainly involves the practice of “dark magic”.

Rel’goth are a seclusive race, opting to stick to themselves.  The Rel’goth  have a knack for burrowing underground tunnels to massive depths below Certovia’s surface.  There are many a story told of the Rel’goth tactics of camouflage and tunneling warfare. Heard throughout Certovia, the citizens always mention “never let a Rel’goth know where you’re going because they’ll most likely have a grave dug for you!”


The Rel’goth have high physical stats that are offset with slightly lower intelligence than the human race.  The Rel’goth possess extreme strength in short spurts but are resilient (able to recover quickly). In addition to their strength, they are apt at learning purer forms of magic.

(May play any class but easily excel with the Necromancer, Shadowknight, Assassin, or Warrior classes)



Rel'goth Concept 1

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