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In case you were wondering, we will be looking into Crowdfunding as we move along! We would much rather have a solid product to show you rather than just hype up the dream! We want to share our vision with you and we want you to be as excited as we are as we see the reality unfold before us. Defend the Night strives to be the game that fills the “cracks” and delivers what has been missing in MMOs for a long time.

What we do have is an open store so you can share your excitement with others! Take a look at our DtN swag with the button below!

DtN is also promoting the Defend the Dome Club.  If you send proof of purchase of a hat toPromo@defendthenightgame.com with Subject: DtD you will be provided a Defend the Dome (DtD) role in our Discord labeled Defender.  Please provide website forum and discord name and allow 3 business days for a review!

Keep your eye on our website for campaign updates, if you want to hear more about becoming a backer. We’ll have information for you as soon as it’s available!

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