The Shadow Knight

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Vicious and brutal, the Shadow Knights of Certovia are masters of weaving aggressive combat style with crippling dark magics to destroy all who oppose them. Combined with the Shadow Knight’s Pact Fiend companion, players will rely on skill to share incoming damage with their enslaved pet while also maintaining the offensive nature of this tank class.

The Shadow Knight’s Pact Fiend is an enslaved entity from the Nether Realms and bound directly to their soul. This allows the Shadow Knight to use their companion as a conduit for their dark magics and allowing them to not only control the Pact Fiend’s actions, but also redirect the anger of their opponents between themselves and their reluctant pet.

The SK and the Pact Fiend share a deep and twisted bond which joins their life forces as one.  This allows them to quickly share or absorb attributes from one another, making them a very formidable combined, tanking unit.  However, should one of them fall, the other shares their fate.

Shadow Knights are skilled in the use of two handed weapons and debuffing abilities that drain the strength of their enemies and enhance themselves. Players that choose to walk the dark path of the Shadow Knight will need to retain an aggressive playstyle during each encounter to ensure the success of their group.

Being one of the tank classes in “Defend the Night”, Shadow Knight’s will be highly sought after to keep other party members safe by drawing the attention of opponents and weakening them so they can be quickly dispatched.

Primary Attribute: Strength

Role: Tank, Melee DPS


SK Concept Art

Shadow Knight Early Alpha Testing

Some available abilities include:

  • Reinforce
    •  Use a small amount of focus to tear open a rift to the Nether world. Using the momentum of transitioning to and from another dimension, you slam into your pet’s target causing moderate damage and a short stun.
  • Consume
    • Use a moderate amount of focus to instantly consume the life force of your target, causing medium damage and healing yourself.
  • Shadow Smash
    • Harness your mana into a single leap attack, instantly causing moderate damage to all enemies around you upon landing.
  • Frailty
    • Concentrate a moderate amount of mana to inflict your target with a disease that physically weakens them.
  • Conduit
    • Taunt: Concentrate a large amount of mana through your Pact Fiend in order to draw aggression to, or from, the Fiend.
  • Divert
    • Expend a small amount of mana to instantly manipulate the mind of your target, filling them with an irresistible urge to attack you.
  • Ravage
    • A massive, two-handed blow to the target’s back which generates high threat.


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