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Masters of the arcane mysteries of the realm of Certovia, Wizards excel in the destruction of their foes by using elemental magics to devastating effects. Able to deal large quantities of damage, Wizards are a great choice for players that enjoy doing heavy damage from a distance.

Wizards are proficient in casting a wide range of spells to damage or hinder enemies as well as protect themselves. Those that play as a Wizard would do well to plan their attacks carefully as their mana resources can deplete quickly.

Those who take on the power of the Wizard will be highly sought after for their ability to manipulate the streams of arcane energies that flow throughout Certovia, allowing them to ferry themselves and their party to areas around the world where these energies are particularly potent.


Primary Attribute: Intellect

Role: Ranged DPS

Some available spells include:

  • Searing Bolt
    • Focus a large amount of mana into a ball of superheated magical flame and hurl it at your enemy causing high damage upon impact.
  • Chill
    • Use a moderate amount of mana to instantly drop the temperature around your target to below freezing, causing medium damage and slowing their movements as hypothermia grips them.
  • Shift
    • Expend a small amount of mana to propel yourself through a stream of magical energy in the direction you are moving, allowing you to cheat certain death in the blink of an eye.
  • Shackle
    • Immobilize your target by focusing a moderate amount of mana to form chains of pure arcane energy to bind your enemy’s bones to the ground itself, making them easy targets to destroy.
  • Flash Freeze
    • Instantly sacrifice a moderate amount of mana to freeze all matter around you, causing low damage and completely incapacitating any creature foolish enough to venture too close.
  • Glacial Spike
    • Quickly siphon a large amount of mana to impale your target with a spike of ice, dealing a high amount of damage and freezing their blood as the magical ice invades its victim.
  • Scorching Touch
    • Expend a small amount of mana from your hands in the form of magical flames, instantly setting your opponent alight and causing low damage as the flames wash over them.
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