The Wizard

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Defend The Night - Wizard Class Icon

Wizards are the masters of elemental magic and destruction.  These highly intelligent spell casters are the ultimate glass cannons.  Wizards are a great choice for players who love to deal massive burst damage and evade close-quarters combat.

Wizards will be proficient in casting spells that deal quite a bit of damage but they will also be able to manipulate their allies and opponents.  Players of the Wizard will have to plan out their attacks and plot their next offensive by managing or acquiring surrounding resources or planning downtime to recover.

The Wizard is going to be highly sought out for quicker travel to key points in “Defend the Night”.  Expect the Wizard to have the ability to transport your team or goods quickly to another area on the map.

Primary Attribute: Intellect

Role: Ranged DPS

Some available spells include:

  • Shift- Instant, teleport short distance straight forward, low mana

  • Chill – instant, single target, medium mana, medium damage

  • Freeze Searing Bolt – cast time, single target, long range, high mana, high direct damage

  • Shackle – cast time, medium mana, single target, temporary immobilize

  • Glacial Spike – cast time, single target, high mana, high damage, freeze

  • Flash Freeze – Instant AOE around caster, medium mana, low direct damage + freeze enemies in place

  • Scorching Touch – Instant, single target, short range, medium mana, low direct damage + DoT

Human Wizard Female

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